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    Running your own small or medium enterprise (SME) can feel like a rollercoaster ride - exciting, exhilarating and, let's be honest, downright hair raising at times. Very few business owners have all the skills they need to manage their company. Many struggle in critical areas such as book keeping and accounting, identifying and managing risk, dealing with challenging staff and marketing and promotion.

    Does your business need help to bridge those vital "knowledge gaps" with down to earth affordable advice that enable your business to grow and prosper- even in these harsh economic times. All delivered by people who run their own successful businesses. Directed by myself, a former solicitor with over 35 years of legal, management and journalistic experience. Further as members of the North West Angel network, funding is available in suitable cases..

    Whether you're looking for quick access online advice and support, free business guides, skills coaching or tailor made consultancy services, Your Business Line aims to save you money, increase your profits and create equity value in your company. And who can say fairer than that!

    Philip Shuker, Managing Director, Your Business Line



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