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Brian Howes

We had problems with our bank. We were going round in circles. But once YBL stepped in the matter was sorted. They took control of the situation. Highly recommended!

Brian Howes, owner of Howes Kitchen, Bathroom and Tile Showroom, Burnley, Lancashire.

Martin Rigby (Architect and Project Manager- Cheshire)

Dear Philip, Thank you for visiting. It was really good to have the benefit of your advice. I take on board your suggestion of issuing free advice in form of guides.

Martin Rigby (Architect and Project Manager- Cheshire)

John O'Rourke (Web Designer & Consultant)

It's the first time someone with experience has really summed up everything I've got happening.

Peter Allen (Manager, Radio Preston)

Following a number of business issues, I asked Philip for help. He already presents Preston Business Matters for Radio Preston. His approach was sympathetic and thorough, quickly getting to the nub of my problems. His no nonsense and easy to understand approach is a refreshing change from most professionals I know.